The PSIB-PSOE values positively that the EU and the Spanish State "recognize the uniqueness of the Balearic Islands and our difficulties" in the distribution of European funds


Alícia Homs, MEP of the PSIB-PSOE, has valued very positively that the distribution of REACT-EU funds for the economic and social reactivation of European territories has led to 300 million euros for the Balearic Islands. Our autonomous community becomes the second-best beneficiary of this distribution, ranking above the national average.

For Homs, this is great news because “it shows that this time the citizens of the islands have a solidarity and social Europe, which, unlike the previous crisis, has decided to support the difficulties of the member countries with a fund that will help alleviate the social consequences of Covid-19.”

"The European Union and the Government of Spain recognize the uniqueness of our islands and the devastating effects that the pandemic has on our economy by being one of the most affected, attending the demands of our land to have more help to get out of the current situation,” explained Homs.

The resources that the islands will progressively receive will have to be allocated to health, educational or social projects. In this way, "the people of our islands will see with facts the aid of the European Union to one of the territories most affected by the economic crisis derived from the pandemic, such as ours."

In order to obtain these funds that the Government of Spain manages and distributes, according to Homs, “the vindictive role of President Armengol and President Sánchez has been decisive. Unlike the right, they have not stood idly by when it comes to negotiate and demand resources that will make the difference between the crisis of 2011 and the current one, and which will be the lever for the economic and social reactivation of the islands."

From now on, the challenge lies in “being able to manage and execute the different projects with agility in order to make the most of these resources and relaunch our economy as soon as possible.” To achieve this, the Government of the Balearic Islands is already reinforcing and readjusting its internal structure.

In addition, Homs recalled that these are not the only European resources that our islands will receive, since there are still other funds to be distributed, such as the Next Generation.

However, the Socialist MEP hopes that “the opposition expresses its satisfaction and does not come out in a rush to make destructive criticism; because it seems that some, especially the PP, only rejoice when things go wrong."

In any case, Alícia Homs has concluded that "today is a day to be satisfied and now it is important to be vigilant so that the money is reaching our islands and the projects are becoming a reality, thus managing to rebuild everything that the pandemic has taken away."

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